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Lilyana Hlokenar

Quick Reference

Here are some picture references that might prove helpful in getting her color palette, proportions, etc. correct"

HeroForge Mini | DropBox Files

Warm chestnut brown, with golden-brown highlights from lots of time in the sun
Wavy, reaches bottom of shoulder blades if worn loose, a few inches longer if braided
Parted to one side, with long bangs swept to the sides (see screenshots)
To stay cool in the heat while also keeping the sun off her neck, she might bind up some of the back in a bun (see screenshots)
Eyes are moss green as in screenshots
Outer corners of eyes are somewhat more up-turned and elf-like than face model's
No puffiness under her eyes
Eyebrows are chestnut brown like her hair
Eyebrows are well-groomed like the face model's
Pointed like on miniature
Earlobes, if visible, are unattached (rather than attached)
Lily has a slight dimple in her chin
Lily has spent most of her life in the sun on the equator, so she has a good tan like on the painted mini
Her ancestry is also half Mediterranean (if that helps)
She doesn't have any noteworthy blemishes, freckles, or birthmarks that would be visible
At this point, she would look roughly 19-20 years old, so still some softness to her features
5'7" tall (about 3" taller than figure model Erica Campbell)
Measurements are 34D-25-36 like the figure model
Good muscle tone from her monk training, but not ripped or skinny
If you've ever played Soul Calibur, she combines a shortsword with strikes, kicks, trips, and deflections similar to Xianghua, she's also proficient in hafted weapons like polearms, though she's less apt to carry one within city limits. When adventuring, she also makes certain to carry a shortbow to deal with enemies at range.
Monks are prohibited from wearing armor, and given the temperature and humidity on the equator, she tends to dress in light, airy garb. She is also confident in her sexuality and proud of her figure (though not to the point of public lewdness), so when dealing with other aristocrats, she may wear a more decorative, brocaded over-robe that she can shrug-off in a fight or conceal small items within. Her painted mini should give you a good idea of what colors she likes for fabric, leather, and jewelry; you can also see how she might shrug-off her purple and magenta robe.
As a noblewoman and a debutante, Lily would certainly display her station by wearing a good amount of jewelry. She feels gold compliments her complexion better than silver, and she's likewise fond of emeralds and pearls. Note that she would be unlikely to wear overly large earrings since they would be detrimental in a fight.
Other Gear
While she's unlikely to carry such items outside of special events, Lily is well-versed in playing the lyre, and has excellent calligraphy skills as befits a noblewoman.
Noteworthy skills with high ranks include Acrobatics, Bluff, Craft (Calligraphy), Diplomacy, Knowledge (History, Nobility), Perception, Performance (Dance, Lyre), Sense Motive, and Stealth. It may be worth noting that her expertise in religious matters is middling at best since piety had nothing to do with why she wanted to study at a monastery to begin with. She is a "priestess" in name only and cannot cast spells; her actual class is a Charisma & Dexterity-based monk variant.
Ability Scores:Str 11, Dex 20, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 20, Cha 17
Alignment:Not used, but most-likely Neutral, she cares about her social connections and alliances more than moralistic or ethical paradigms


Lilyana Hlokenar never knew her mother.

From what she was told, her mother, Leilia, was a human noblewoman from a distant land who wed Lily's elven father, Aurvandur, while he was still a Colonel in the elven army. Whether due to actual need, or to cover what might be perceived as a disgrace (many elves deem it immoral and exploitative to marry members of shorter-lived races), Lord Hlokenar was promoted to General, and dispatched to the equatorial colony/protectorate of Dafar. His duty: to stabilize the civil unrest between the human and elven colonists of the capital city of Port Eldarion, and the surrounding tribes of indigenous jungle peoples.

Sadly, the constant heat and stress took its toll on Leilia's health, and she died before Lilyana was old enough to remember her. Or so the story goes...

Given the challenge of raising a daughter while commanding an army, it wouldn't have been long before Aurvandur sought to remarry, yet an opportunity presented itself rather unexpectedly. One of his subordinate officers, who (like him had taken a human wife) had perished during a freak stampede in the savannah, leaving behind a widow, Isabel, and their young son, Isaac. After spending a year of mourning under Aurvandur's protection, the two married and Isaac was formally adopted.

From the moment they met, Isaac and the younger Lilyana were virtually inseparable — a bond that only strengthened (particularly in Lily's eyes) as they approached adulthood.

Now both young adults, Isaac recently assumed the role of Marshall over the city guard following the assassination of Dafar's governor — a calamity that claimed not only the prior Marshall, but his own mother. For her part, Lilyana divides her time chiefly between academic studies at Port Eldarion's university, more intrigue-based instruction at the monastery of Lyria, and worrying over Isaac's obsessive devotion to his duties in the wake of Isabel's death.

After being rescued from kidnappers by Dafar's beautiful and sophisticated new Vicereine/Governor, Princess Alis Kirmoon and her retinue, Lilyana quickly became obsessed with playing matchmaker between Alis and her brother, all the while trying to shoo-away the princess' floozy retainers. Perhaps if she stole into the tabernacle housing the monastery's sacred flame she might find a love-potion or charm of some sort.

And so, she chose the night of the full moon (when most of the other priestesses would be inebriated by the exotic incenses offered-up to the Divine Muse), never suspecting the fumes were drawn-to and concentrated around the sacred flames. In the throes of ecstasy, Lilyana lay down upon the smooth, cool marble floor and lapsed into dreams, never aware of the Mists of Ravenloft that grew around her in the night...


Lily is a recent debutante in her colony's capital city. She often attempts to emulate the sort of women she tends to idolize: beautiful, cultured, shrewd, powerful, and above all desirable. Indeed her decision to study as a priestess/monk of Lyria, the goddess of passion and artistry, was not out of piety nor for what she could bring to the temple, but for the prestige and social/martial training she would gain.

Although Lilyana maintains a sweet face in public, she tends to disdain those she sees as unperceptive or lacking in social clout. In contrast, she has an almost pathological fascination with the most powerful and beautiful people in her social circles. One of the few people she would do anything for (or to), is her hunky, brooding step-brother Isaac who has recently been promoted to the captain of the guard over the colony's capital city. She also has developed an obsession with Princess Alis.

While Lilyana is not a know-it-all, nor opposed to heeding good advice, she is proud and tends to be forceful and domineering with those whom she sees as less-than graceful or of questionable competence. As the daughter of a general, she's no coward either, exhibiting skill in both tactical matters and social manipulations, but she does expect to be treated according to her station and for teammates to pull their weight and not screw up. She sees nothing wrong with demonstrating tough love and has little use for coddling.

Cultural Notes

Their city, Port Eldarion, was founded by a small group of high elves that befriended the local African-style natives. Not more than a decade later, they were joined by [what you might think of as] a group of Puritans had the Puritans hailed from the ancient Roman Empire. These humans who joined them were very socially conservative in nature, and [rather than attempting to change it] decided to leave behind what they saw as an increasingly aggressive, debauched, and imperialistic society.

For her part, Lily's true nature would probably fit in better in the society from which her ancestors hailed, though publicly she does her best to appear like an individual of purer intentions.