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Over two hundred years ago, what is now the Viamaré Concern was several separate guilds: architects, masons, carpenters, miners, and shipping & logistics all handled by disparate bodies. That all changed when Cassius Laelis** (head of a large shipping conern) and Otho Pompori** (head of the Viamaré Miner's Union) partnered and used their collective resources to form a near monopoly over all phases of the construction process from mining to shipping, and labor to engineering. Having several politicians and academy instructors in their pockets didn't hurt either.

The only component missing from the partners' control was access to a stable of skilled masons and architects. Looking to Anzio**, Malatesta**, which was renowned for its masterful architecture and engineering, Otho courted one Atella Sempronius**, daughter of Tiber Sempronius**, Senator of Anzio**. While the free-spirited young noblewoman wanted nothing to do with the conniving businessman, Pompori's deep pockets were not lost upon the senator and their union was sealed.


Today, The Viamaré Concern has a virtual monopoly over building contracts in Malatesta and jealously recruits the best talent from Anzio. While their coin has also enticed more than a few dwarven and elvish architects as well, the fact that their labor force is chiefly humans and giants lacking Patrician status means their building design remain chiefly traditional in design. With their strong logistics capabilities, they are also a powerful trade conglomerate employing several dozens of ships at ports of call from Silverwake** to Light's End** to Port Eldarion** and beyond. Their chief rival in such matters are the Golden Drakes** who have an advantage in overland shipping thanks, in no small part, to the distrust many countries have over Malatesta's imperial overtures.