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Paladin of the Gods
The Vigilant
The Lord of Justice

Alignment: Lawful Good
Areas of Concern: civilization, courage, justice, protection, vigilance
Domains: Fire (no subdomains), Glory, Good (Archon only), Law (Archon only), Protection, Strength (resolve only), War (tactics only)
Favored Weapon: Warhammer
Symbol: Superimposed over a flame, an upright warhammer, its head engraved with an eye

Tuonwë (two-AHN-way) to the elves, Híro to the Malatestans, to the dwarves** Kahn, he is the most powerful of the intermediate deities and the Keeper of the Secret Flame**. He is the final member of the Aralim**.

He is the god of justice, and righteous anger, prayed to for swift victory against the forces of corruption and chaos. It is said that while he holds one of the throne of the Aralim**, that he is seldom found there as the struggle against evil leaves no time for rest. It is his judges then who sit in Tuonwë's stead, lending to mortals the order and stability necessary to coexist and flourish in the face of their enemies. It is in this respect that men count the Lord of Justice alongside deities of agriculture, artistry, industry, and learning as one of the patrons of civilization. In addition, he, Miralnas**, and Alcarienne** are the three principle paragons of The Lightbringers**.

Tuonwë has no sibblings and in his unending fight he has taken no spouse.