Totemic Covenant of Wise Wardens

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The Totemic Covenant of Wise Wardens is a socio-religious sodality based around the principles of druidism and stewardship of the natural world. What organization they have is communal, bearing much in common with a fraternity or sorority. Indeed, sub-factions of a given lodge may be referred to as such.

Collectively, the covenant worships a sub-pantheon comprised of elemental and nature deities such as Silenya**, Corollairë**, Olarë**, Jámo**, Lüne**, and Alcarienne**. In spite of the inclusion of his son, Lunë, worship of the wind god, Miralnas**, is conspicuously absent — no doubt due to his strong association with organized civilization and wealth. Indeed even the worship of Olarë focuses more on his relationship to Corollairë and rustic craftiness rather than his place in industry. It is also alleged that other spirits are revered, including the lost god, Ngólgon** for his mastery of agriculture.

While the Wise Wardens are viewed as out-of-place rustics in large urban centers, the Covenant's broad appeal among rangers, druids, farmers, and ranchers ensures them at least some representation in almost every community.