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Stëora (stay-OR-uh), Starsha to the Malatestans, is the daughter of Miralnas** and Cainrelée**.

As the youngest of the children of the Valar**, she holds a special place in the hearts of both elves and men. She is often attributed with all those qualities that people should strive for: compassionate yet resolute, brave but not foolhardy, and beautiful while not frail. Among her teachings is not to give up what you are in the hopes of becoming something else, yet to reach the full potential of one's own abilities. As such, Stëora is seen as a goddess of learning, exploration, and personal excellence.

The Academy of Starsha

Temples to Stëora are devoted less to the goddess herself and for to the ideas for which she stands. These then are great academies where men and women from all races are welcome to study in order to develop their potential in the hopes of leaving the world a better place than how they found it. While wealth and power certainly do not hurt an applicant's chances for entry, The Academy is foremost concerned with the potential and character of would-be initiates. It is not unheard of for a wealthy yet spoiled applicant to be turned away in favor of one who can offer only their earnest commitment to better themselves.

Given the resources required to fund such an institution, The Academy typically hosts universities only in major cities with the central academy being located in Malatesta**. Yet involvement with The Academy of Starsha does not end with commencement. Instead, The Academy hosts many expeditions to the furthest corners of Elsemar** for the purpose of continuously expanding society's knowledge and understanding of the world. Such endeavors are not without peril as many other organizations envy the Starshans' wealth and prestige. For this reason training in various forms of arcane and/or martial defense are mandatory studies. The Academy firmly believes that such studies are integral to being a truly well-rounded individual and that the ability to stand up for oneself with confidence does much to battle one of mankind's greatest weaknesses: fear and self-doubt.