Solar System

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The known celestial bodies in Elsemar's solar system are:

The Sun


A small white planet that sparkles like a diamond.


An Earth-like planet with visible rings of ice and dust known as the Lansceradi.

Its satellites are a large moon covered in clouds and oceans called Brightpool, and smaller moon covered in rock and sand called Darkshoal.


About 2/3 the size of Elsemar, this world appears to be green and covered in silvery clouds.


A blue-green gas giant that is somewhat smaller than Saturn yet larger than Neptune.

It has a single visible satellite, a coal-colored moon named Deidra.


An enormous gas giant far larger than Jupiter, that actually became a small star in its own right. While its light is dimmer than that of Elsemar's moons, it is bright enough to be visible during daytime on Elsemar and provides illumination equivalent to a crescent moon at night.

Starsha is orbited by nearly a dozen satellites some of which are large enough to be considered planet in their own right.