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Silenya (sill-EN-yuh) to the elves, Syrene to the Malatestans, is one of the Aralim, the Valar who is mistress of all the waters of Elsemar and their currents; mercy is hers to give or withhold. She is often called Aelin Keletári though this may be better thought of as her planar realm (Lake of the Queen of Currents).

She is great friends with Corollairë the Earth Mother. She sends her waters coursing thru the earth forming the leylines that are as Elsemar's lifeblood. Together they help to nourish all living things.

Silenya's mate is Olarë of the Earth, their child is Dagôn the Lost. Silenya's older brother is Miralnas and her twin brother is Jámo.