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The Divine Muse
Lady Luck
The Queen of Hearts

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Areas of Concern: artistry, inspiration, passion, the realization of hope
Domains: Chaos (Azata only), Charm, Good (Azata only), Healing (restoration only), Luck (no subdomains)
Favored Weapon: Whip
Symbol: A butterfly on an outstretched finger or above upraised palms

Súmalya (sue-MALL-yah) to the elves, Lyria to the Malatestans, personifies passion, desire, and inspiration. Like her elder sister, Fëarianna**, Súmalya can see much in the gazes of men — their hopes and desires are plain to her. Just as Cuiviéanna** once did for the Valar**, Súmalya serves to inspire the living thru her own passion that they may realize their hopes and dreams and make creation a more wondrous place.

Iscandü** is Súmalya's husband, and she often measures the desires and needs of the world in his eyes. She is one of the three Fates; her older sister being Fëarianna**, and her younger being Kamína**.