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This houserule adopts a round-based model for the adventuring day. The exploratory round treats each hour as an overland round. The cross-country round treats each day as an overland round.


Each round constitutes one hour of time. The distance a character or party can move is dependent upon the speed of the slowest creature. The speeds listed for a move action in the table below are equal to 1/2 the rates listed in the Core Rulebook (a hex size of 1/2 mile is assumed). A creature or party may move their full overland rate simply by taking a double-move.

Exploratory Actions

The following chart covers a large number of scenarios but it not exhaustive. Please see the section below it for additional considerations.


Overland Exploratory Actions

Full-Round Actions (1 hour)

  • The swift actions listed in the Cross-Country rules below are each approximately 1-hour in length and could be taken as a full-round Exploratory action.

Standard Actions (1/2 hour)

Move Actions (1/2 hour)

Swift Actions (<quarter hour)

  • The free actions listed in the Cross-Country rules below are generally short enough to be taken as a swift Exploratory action.


Scaling or descending a cliff requires its own move action for that hex.
Unless a river is noted as being particularly violet, crossing one uses up an extra hex of movement during the course of a move action.


The following rules are based upon houserules posted by Laurefindel on the Paizo forums: original post.
An overland round consists of:

  • 1 Standard Activity
  • 1 Move Activity
  • 1 Swift Activity
  • Any number of Free Activities

Activity substitutions:

  • A Standard Activity may be substituted for a Move, or a Swift Activity.
  • A Move Activity may be substituted for a Swift Activity.
  • Both the Standard and Move Activities may be substituted for a Full-Day Activity.
  • If a group does not move during their overland round, they may take a 1-mile step.

The Overland Round assumes that the group performs a multitude of trivial tasks and rests for a total period of at least 12 hours. This includes preparation time for meals, setting up camp, building a fire, taking turns for watch, etc. Groups that are free of such chores, such as those staying at an inn for example, can “haste” their day and may perform 1 extra Move Activity.

Overland Cross-Country Actions

Full Day Actions (12+ hours)

  • Attempt a Move or Standard Activity with a +2 circumstance bonus
  • Attempt a Profession skill check
  • Cast a spell requiring more than 8 hours of uninterrupted activity
  • Forced march (attempting to travel more than a double overland move, with appropriate fortitude saves)
  • Full day’s rest
  • Record a spell in spellbook
  • Take 20 on a Perception check to search up to 360 squares (approximately a 100×100 ft. area).

Standard Actions (8 hours)

  • Attempt a Craft skill check
  • Camouflage or fortify camp or shelter
  • Survival checks to forage for food
  • Hunt for herbs
  • Rest for 8 hours
  • Set snares and traps
  • Study a new spell
  • Brew a potion or scribe a scroll (1 day per 1,000gp value).
  • Take 20 on a Perception check to search up to 240 squares (approximately a 75×75 ft. area).
  • Any other task requiring steady work and high concentration

Move Actions (4 hours)

  • Check for snares & traps
  • Dig a grave or trench (up to 5 ft. deep, 10 ft. long)
  • Erase traces of camp / activity
  • Diplomacy checks to gather information (urban activity)
  • Perform in front of an audience (urban activity)
  • Full resupply shopping trip (urban activity)
  • Brew/scribe up to two potions/scrolls worth 250gp or less.
  • Survival check to gain a bonus on Fortitude saves against severe weather (+2 if moving, +4 if stationary)
  • Take 20 on a Perception check to search up to 120 squares (approximately a 50×50 ft. area).
  • Travel up to half the daily overland distance indicated in the Pathfinder RPG. (Use the full distance if the group performs a double move.)
  • Any other task requiring steady work but low concentration

Swift Actions

  • Collect wood for a bonfire
  • Cast a spell with a casting time of 1 hour
  • Find protected shelter / camp site
  • Any other task requiring about 1 hour to complete

Free Actions

  • Cast a spell with a casting time of 10 minutes or less.
  • Groom animals
  • Prepare meals
  • Prepare daily spells
  • Set camp / Set out for travel
  • Travel 1 mile (equivalent to the 5-foot step)
  • Any other mundane task requiring less than 1 hour or that can easily be performed while doing something else