Order of the Wasp

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A guild of elite female assassins in the employ of the Ruby Coil**.

Unlike most assassins, Wasps do not take contracts from private individuals. Rather, they carry out orders solely at the discretion of the Cabal's elite members.


  • Higher level members of this order have been observed to have erinyes bound to their service.
  • Upon the death of Chivane** it was observed that a Wasp may dissolve into a red mist leaving no trace of their body behind.


Sasha Nevah** was observed to have a large tattoo covering her back. Going down the center of the back is a black, saw-toothed weapon. Its guard between the shoulder blades, with the length of the weapon pointing down the spine. Curling around the weapon and looping itself around the guard and hilt is a hissing red snake.
Both Chivane** and Sorsha Nevah** were observed dual-wielding saw-edged sabres.
Likewise both wore form-fitting cuirboilli armor and helmets molded to resemble a great red wasp.
A 3-sized pyramid perhaps a finger's width in height. On one side, the symbol of the ruby coil. On another a symbol that matches the tattoo. The third side has a motif of a being with the torso of a woman with curving horns, but the wings, legs and thorax of a wasp. The final side bears what would appear to be Wasp's initial in elvish.


According to Sorsha**, a member of their order can be summoned for aid by placing a Wasp's token in a goblet, filling it with red wine, and leaving it in an empty room by the light of the red moon, Darkshoal**.