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Please note the following house rules** to the Oracle.

Class Features

Saving Throws

Oracles of Battle and Valhalla use the Good Fortitude progression.

Mystery Spells

Mystery spells are gained on the even-number levels starting at level 2.

Additional Mysteries


The Norse Pantheon
Class Skills
Intimidate, Perception, Profession (sailor), Ride, and Survival
Bonus Spells
1st—Divine Favor, 2nd—Heroism, 3rd—Rage, 4th—Shout, 5th—Call Lightning Storm, 6th—Mass Bear's Endurance, 7th—Control Weather, 8th—Prismatic Wall, 9th—Gate.


An oracle of Valhalla can choose from any of the following revelations including those from the Battle Mystery. Valhalla revelations supersede Battle revelations with the same name.

Shield Maiden (Ex)
You gain Improved Shield Bash as a bonus feat. While wearing light, medium, or no armor and fighting with a shield in your off-hand, you are considered to have the two-weapon fighting feat. You lose the benefits of two-weapon fighting while wearing heavy armor. In addition, you may use your oracle level in place of your base attack bonus to satisfy the prerequisites for shield feats.
Skill at Arms (Ex)
You are proficient with all axes, bows, hammers, and straight-bladed swords except for exotic weapons. You also gain Cleave as a bonus feat regardless of whether you meet any prerequisites.