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Ngólgon to the elves, Dagôn (DEY-gon) in Malatesta**, is also called Dagôn the Lost or simply called The Lost One. He was the first-born among the Valahini** and originally a benevolent deity who combined the strength of his parents, Silenya**'s mastery over water and Olarë**'s mastery over earth, to develop agriculture and architecture to provide for the elves, humans and dwarves who were so dear to him.

However, Cuiviéanna** was jealous that a child of hers should not be the first-born. She also harbored a growing hatred of the living races, perhaps because they could draw inspiration from sources other than her, perhaps because they were gifted with free-will. Humans especially confounded her for their souls were born of the Secret Flame** just like all the children of Ilúvatar**, however she knew not where that portion of the Secret Flame** went upon their deaths — unlike elves and dwarves, humans were not reborn in the same fashion.

Dagôn so loved mortals that he took on the form of a man and sought to take a wife, Deidra**, one of the first humans. Daedelhach** (for indeed Cuiviéanna** had fallen long before she revealed her true malevolence), used this opportunity to torment the young god. First she took away the ability for Deidra** to grow old and die. While this mysterious longevity initially seemed a boon, Daedelhach** visited misery after misery upon the woman. She lived long enough to see her loved-ones grow old and die. Her children were all touched by madness, corrupted into monsters, or slain by tragedy.

These griefs affected Dagôn just as greatly as they did Deidra**, perhaps even more-so because he believed that the nature of his power had brought about this tragedy. It even occurred to him that this might be a curse sent by Ilúvatar** for mingling with humans so intimately. However, try as he might, all Dagôn's attempts to fix the situation only led to worse ends.

What the breaking point of his spirit was none can say for sure. However, in time Deidra** tried to kill herself to put an end to the calamity only to discover that she arose time and again. It was at this point that she discovered that her husband was himself a deity. Deidra** cursed Dagôn for the misery he had brought upon her and all of mankind, refusing him in every way before fleeing into the wilderness whereupon she was hidden from him by Daedelhach**'s magic.

For ages uncounted, Dagôn searched the world both above below for Deidra**. Everywhere he went, tragedy seemed to follow until he grew to hate mortals seeing them as nothing but a source of eternal pain to themselves and others. He shed the human form he had worn for so long and took on the likeness of the abominations that Deidra** had given birth to inspiring terror where ever he went until finally vanishing into the depths of the sea as if hoping that by returning to his mother's womb he might be unborn.

It is said that to speak Dagôn's name is to invite tragedy. So it is that those who know of the fallen god simply call him The Lost One.

Dagôn's father is Olarë** and his mother is Silenya** — both of whom still mourn his loss and bear eternal enmity towards Daedelhach** for corrupting him. The fate of Dagôn's wife, Deidra** is unknown to mortals.