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The following are houserules that diverge from those found in the Mythic Adventures Playtest PDF, and the updates released on the forums.

Base Mythic Abilities

Mythic Power
Mythic characters can draw upon a wellspring of power to allow them to accomplish amazing deeds and cheat fate. You must choose one ability score as the one most associated with your mythic potential. Once made, this choice can’t be changed. You can draw upon your mythic power a number of times per day equal to 3 + your mythic ability score modifier + your mythic tier. This power is used by a number of different abilities gained by mythic characters.

Mythic Flaws

The mythic characters in Rumble in the Jungle will each have a particular weakness tied to their backstory and the moment of ascension. For most of the characters, this will be some tool or symbol employed in the moments directly leading up to ascension (i.e. an artifact dependency), whereas for others it may be whether or not they can master a preexisting flaw in their personality. In compensation for this weakness, you gain the 'Feat of' universal path ability tied to your mythic ability score.

Artifact Dependency
Your powers are dependent upon a singular, special artifact from your backstory. The nature of this item is subject to GM discretion and should generally not to be the same item required of any class features (e.g. arcane bond, divine focus). At all times, you retain a sense of direction to the object as per the spell discern location. Anyone in possession of the artifact may consider you a familiar target for scrying purposes. In addition, they may wear or use the artifact to gain access to your 1st-tier abilities while suffering a penalty equal to your mythic tier to AC and saving throws versus you and your followers (if any).

If you do not have the item in your possession for at least 1 hour day, you begin to lose your mythic powers. After the first day of absence, you can no longer regain points of mythic power. After the second day, you lose all the powers and abilities granted by your mythic paths. After the third day, you lose all of your mythic abilities, with the exception of ability score increases, bonus mythic feats, and the ability to discern its location. Your powers and abilities are immediately restored as soon as you regain possession of the artifact.