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Master of the Wind
Spirit King
Lord of Splendor

Alignment: Lawful Good
Areas of Concern: Communication, leadership, music, nobility, prosperity, providence, wind and sky
Domains: Air, Community, Good (Archon), Law (Archon), Nobility, Protection
Favored Weapons: Greatsword, Mace
Symbol: An eagle with outstretched wings. In one talon it clutches a scepter, in the other an orb, and upon its head is a crown.

Miralnas (mir-ALL-nas) to the elves, and Khoros to the Malatestans, is the King of the Valar of Elsemar and the head of the Aralim. He is a great swordsman, an inspiring orator, and has mastery over the sky and the currents of the wind. Among the Valar he was initially little less in power than Cuiviéanna, yet being closer to Ilúvatar's heart it was Miralnas who was to he head their sovereignty.

He represents the highest ideals to which those in positions of power should aspire, and the rewards that are shared by those who respect benevolent authority: peace, prosperity, and egalitarianism. While such lofty principles represent the best in people, in less ethical regions, he may simply be revered as a lord of wealth, or even as a symbol of authority and the need for others to conform for the benefit of all.

In the begining, Cuiviéanna was Miralnas' wife. Together they bore twin sons, Lüne and Laeandûr. Their last offspring, the demon prince Raukán Zaal, was born to Daedelhach after her banishment from Elsemar. After the fall of Daedelhach, Cainrelée became Miralnas' queen. Together they gave birth to the youngest of the Valahini, Stëora.

Miralnas' sibblings are his younger sister Silenya and her twin brother Jámo.