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The Sacred Order of Lightbringers are a group of freelance justicars working to bring some level of safety and order to various cities across the world. They are predominantly found in human nations although elvish and dwarven members are welcome. The ranks of the Lightbringers are primarily made up of paladins, clerics, and other holy warriors.

Those who visit them are reminded of a cross between an embassy and a mercenary lodge. The chief deities served by the Lightbringers are Khorus**, Híro**, and Alíta**. The order is supported solely by donations. Any profits are reinvested in the organization's fortifications, weapons, armor, etc. or put to use in the community.


In addition to their martial vigilance, the Lightbringers reclaim and/or destroy evil relics and other tools of wickedness. Since their organization often operates at a loss, the Lightbringers cannot offer rewards for the surrender of such items, but they are able to strip such arms of unholy enchantments for a mere 10% tithe of what they would normally sell for. In that way at least, former tools of the enemy might yet be turned to good works.