Light's End

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Between the Silver Sea** and the Gulf of Dafar**, is a unique and perilous stretch of water known as Light's End. Formed when the Valar** removed their great city beyond the firmament, Light's End is a bi-directional waterfall in the middle of the sea.

Each day as the tides change, sea level between the Silver Sea and the gulf to the south fluctuate dramatically. When the Silver Sea is at high tide, it spills over into the gulf. When the Gulf of Dafar reaches high tide, it cascades into the Silver Sea. It is only for a brief period during the four points in the day when those bodies are at an equal level that ships have any chance of safely navigating the dangerous stretch of water and only if under full sail or with a full compliment of rowers.

The constant shifting of the seas has worn down the remnants of cliffs here to smooth, tooth-like spires capable of cleaving ships asunder, and the waters here are constantly tinged a dark color from all the sediment constantly awash from the surging waters.