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Also called The Betrayer, The Tempter, and known in some realms as Mephistopheles, Laeandûr is the son of Miralnas** and Cuiviéanna**, and was once known for having the most beautiful voice among all the gods..

His arch-enemy is his twin brother Lüne** who thwarted his attempt to betray and murder their father when Cuiviéanna** turned and became Daedelhach**. During the battle, Lüne** delivered a grave injury to Laeandûr's throat that forever marred the beauty of his voice.

During the war in which Daedelhach** was banished, Laeandûr managed to escape into another plane before he could be captured and his powers restricted. Unfortunate for him is the fact that when the Valar** restricted themselves from being able to enter the world (in order to seal away Daedelhach**) that the sealing of the planar boundaries prevented his return. He now bides his time in the Nine Hells waiting for revenge.