Kirmoon, Varnadil

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Varnadil is the younger brother of Duchess Elyssien Kirmoon**, the rightful ruler of Silverwake**. Like many within Ilmarond's** court, he took a dim view of his sister's marriage to Niall Rowan**, Count of Caen Carrinac**, Estoria**. Yet where most were content to merely gossip behind the couple's back, Varnadil's intentions grew ever the more sinister. Sometime after the birth of the twin princesses, Alexis** and Alis**, the bitter prince began to engineer his sister's death, intent that it should be his own offspring, Vánaeara** and Aeglosan, Aeglîn** that became heirs to Silverwake.

Although his wife, Princess Eluviel** of Silvaurea** was ignorant of his wrong-doing, the black-hearted prince engineered an accident at sea that claimed the lives of both Niall and Elyssien before the eyes of his very children who awaited their return port-side. It was then not long afterwards before he had the scarcely adolescent girls separated and sent off to learn under harsh masters with the hope of eventually having them wide up dead of accidents or suicides that would prove they were not as capable as elves (though he would claim that he had at least hoped to make them into women suitable enough for marriage).

It was thanks to the efforts of Laithoron Aernelóth**, Nelliel Yantannon**, and Morgaard Hellhammer** that the two were rescued and their uncle's plot revealed to King Aramandil**. Yet before the prince's doom could be pronounced upon him, he escaped Mennen Fedleth**, presumably still alive and living in exile abroad.