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Royal Portrait
by Stabjack

Hailing from the royal family of the elven Kingdom of Ilmarond**, Alissariel or Alis for short (pronounced like A-List without the "t") is a non-substantive princess of that land. Like her twin sister Alechsularis** (aka Alexis), her proper title is Princess of Silverwake** as opposed to Princess of Ilmarond** (a title belonging to her elder step-sister, Larathiel Kirmoon**). Their elder step-brother, Lareisian**, is himself Larathiel's twin and bears the title Prince of Mennen Fedleth**.


Preparing for the Masquerade
by Avionetca

Alis and her sister Alexis** are the twin daughters of an elven ducal family. Their father, Count Niall Rowan** of Caen Carrinac**, Estoria**, and his elven wife, Duchess Elyssien Kirmoon**, were the rulers of the city of Silverwake** and its surrounding province. However, disaster struck during childhood when their parents were killed during an expedition to Wildethar**.

After weathering the 8000+ mile round-trip and a perilous inland expedition without issue, their caravel, The Nereid, ironically suffered critical damage within sight of Caen Carrinac's port. Allegedly, a drunken merchant pilot rammed their ship killing several passengers on both vessels including Niall and Elyssien. While the elvish vessel was undergoing repair, the pilot hanged himself in prison.

Upon The Nereid's return, rulership of their father's province passed to Elyssien's younger brother, Varnadil**, who harbored no love for his "half-breed" nieces. After years of tribulation that were kept secret from the crown, the orphaned twins were taken in by the family of their full-blooded, elven royal cousins and restored to the rank of Princess. Although the title brings with it certain perks, as a non-substantive princesses, Alis and Alexis lack most of the political power typically associated with the rank.

While Alexis was quite the arcane academic, Alis was too restless to make it far as either a priestess or a wizardess. Nevertheless, she blanched at the thought of being a useless layabout. Possessed of a keen wit and an eclectic array of talents, she serves the royal family as an ambassador to foreign lands. Small and dainty though though she is, Alis' human side keeps the buxom blonde half-elf playful and she's not at all unfamiliar with aggressive negotiations...


Vicereine of Dafar
by Ruloc

This slender young beauty has the buxom curves of a human, but the alabaster skin and refined features of an elf. In spite of this, she appears to be well-toned and quite athletic. Ribbons tie her hip-length wavy blonde hair in bunches, but you can make out her gracefully tapered ears when she turns her head.

Eager blue-violet eyes take in everything around her, searching for excitement. When your eyes meet, her full lips spread into a mischievous grin and you wonder what the young half-elf is thinking...

Unlike most elven royals, at 5'3" (now 5'6") Alis was not tall and willowy, but rather short and curvy. While slender and athletic in her own right, her ample bust and playful, energetic demeanor led most new acquaintances to conclude that she was a fine-boned human beauty. Although she is more than confident in her appearance and takes great pride in the impression she makes upon others, she has often had to contend with not being taken seriously — particularly among elves — for her short stature and human-like curves.

Even so, the elven princess seems to derive amusement from the confusion her appearance causes, and is not afraid to exploit the tendency of others to underestimate her. She has been known to wear her blonde tresses pulled into bunches like a young girl thereby concealing the points of her ears, which (thanks to her royal blood) are as long as those of any full-blooded elf. Presuming one was able to meet her gaze, her large, expressive blue-violet eyes would be a good indicator that she is at the very least a half-elf. Combined with her exceptional talent as a vocalist, and her unique (if untamed) approach to magic, the rapid rise of the young half-elf has led some members of Ilmarond's court to regard her as a prodigy.

Recently, thanks to the wish-fulfilling magic of a powerful dryad's gift, Alis has achieved her long-held desire to be taller and now stands a more respectable 5'6". Whether or not she plans to rub this in the face of her twin sister, is another matter...

Additional Statistics

  • Race: Female Half-Elf
  • Classes: Sacred Consort** of Súmalya** (i.e. bard/monk), with some experience as a Cleric, and Rogue when she was younger
  • Description: Pale-skinned with blue-violet eyes. Long wavy blonde hair, often pulled into bunches. Loves to wear eye-catching outfits, particularly red and purple.
  • Age: Adult. In human terms looks to be in her early 20s.
  • Build: 5'6" formerly 5'3". Stronger and more athletic than her hourglass figure would suggest.
  • Beliefs: You think you spied her wearing a pendant resembling a holy symbol, but for all your staring you can't recall what it looked like. (You were looking at the pendant, right?)

While at first glance Alis appears to simply be a pretty face and a flirt, you can tell from speaking with her that there's at least as much going on inside her head as there is inside her corset. At least you rolled well enough on your Sense Motive check to tell that she enjoys keeping people guessing...


Rumble in the Jungle**

Daredevil Princess
manipulation by Laithoron
original by Paizo Publishing
A Brief Respite
by Nate Lovett

Having originally gatherd a group of adventurers to aid her on an expedition to the Zuktol Wildlands**, Alis finds herself thrust into the political spotlight. She must assume rulership of The Protectorate of Dafar** as Vicereine!

Any Port in a Storm**


  1. Introduced to the Lords of Westermarch** by Yvonne d'Calla** at Castle Bullknight**.
  2. Suggested that since it appears that someone is trying to prevent a diplomatic resolution to the current situation by violent means, that an envoy party well-versed in aggressive negotiations was called for.
  3. Pointed out that as peers of the commonwealth, that they had a vested interest in ensuring that the dispute between Malatesta** the Golden Drakes**, and Estoria** does not escalate into a war that finds Elsmyr Dale** caught in the center.
  4. Stated that as a personal favor to Yvonne, she will be accompanying the party to aid with the resolution of the current dilemma.
  5. Convinced Yvonne that the party would need some expense money in order to gear up on expendables for the coming trip. In addition, she guaranteed you that the influx of wealth from the successful completion of this mission would more than offset any expenditures on the part of either the party or the Golden Drakes**.
  6. When Sigfried** voiced his concerns over travelling with a princess, Alis assured Sig that she would protect him.

Known Contacts

  • Yvonne d'Calla**: Longtime friend. Evidently Yvonne taught Alis how to dance while Alis amazed her troupe with her unearthly singing voice. Neither will say how long they've know the other, but you've surmised that it must be more than 20 years since that's how long ago it was when Yvonne let Din Hîn** borrow Alis' bracer-concealed repeating crossbow. Alis clearly has elven blood in her veins, but Yvonne looks to be human. Does she never age?
  • Alexis Kirmoon**: Older twin sister. Princess of Silverwake**. Alis says that she's an amazing artificer and crafted the bracer with the concealed, repeating hand crossbow that Yvonne let Din Hîn** borrow briefly 20 years ago. (Apparently it was her old prototype.)
  • Larathiel Kirmoon**: Older step-sister. The Princess of Ilmarond. Alis speaks very highly of her saying she's the best swordswoman she's ever seen, albeit she doesn't seem to have much use for romance or comfortable lodgings.
  • Lareisian Kirmoon**: Older step-brother and Larathiel's twin. The Prince of Ilmarond. Very handsome, but all business-like.