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The Faerie King
The Dreamer
The Unexpected

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Areas of Concern: dreams, fey, freedom, the ethereal plane
Domains: Chaos (no subdomains), Charm, Healing (restoration only), Liberation, Travel, Trickery
Favored Weapon: Rapier
Symbol: A cloud-wreathed eye

Gaius to the Malatestans, Iscandü is 9th among the Valar** and the lord of living souls. He rules from the Faerie World**, the realm of dreams, fey**, and timelessness. His is the power to see into and enter the dreams of the living and to control passage to and from the Faerie World**.

It is said that Iscandü's court never remains in one place, instead traversing the ethereal plane and lingering only where great need or great beauty compels them. More than simply a god of revelry, Iscandü offers respite and recovery from burdens, a reminder of the sweetness that makes life worth living.

Iscandü's wife is Súmalya**, in whose eyes he sees the potential for love and beauty, and his brother is Bälezu**, who serves to remind him not to linger overly long in the lives of mortals.