Golden Drakes

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Some call they gypsies, others call them worse, but none can deny the enviable position held by one of Elsemar's** most powerful mercantile organizations. The Golden Drakes are a merchant company that bears both passengers and supplies between various inland routes throughout Chalësidhea** and Ur-Nár**. They also hold trade treaties with several sovereign and private organizations often serving as intermediaries, guides, or even trailblazers.

The founding of the company is attributed to the legendary troubadour, Gelriss Sawng**. It was his adventuring band, The Golden Drakes, who would go on to use the wealth and influence gained from their heroics to grow their operations from a mere band of wandering adventurers into a burgeoning caravan company.

Key Trade Routes

Sawng's Way

Hundreds of years ago, when Elsmyr Dale** was still largely wilderness, Gelriss Sawng and the original Golden Drakes carved out a domain to the south of Tarrencia**. While they originally had no intention of founding a commonwealth of independent towns outside of the Estorian** empire, such was the result. In their adventures, they constructed forts at which they and other travelers could rest and take shelter. Over time, inns, towns, and farms grew up by the forts and the road became an important trade route between Malatesta**, Estoria**, and the small kingdoms of eastern Quelaerilea**.

Today, the city of Valehaven** anchors the commonwealth of the same name existing independently of any of the more powerful nations surrounding them.