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On the world of Elsemar, some members of the original races were seduced or tricked away from The Light by sinister forces in the world. These unfortunates had their minds corrupted and their bodies warped transforming them into goblinoids. Typically, this also accelerated their growth cycles but at the cost of longevity and the ability to interbreed with the parent race. Both dwarves and halflings proved resistant to such devilry but other races were not so fortunate:

While the spawn of goblinoids and their parent race results in a sterile/barren child, an inborn lust often leads goblinoids to seekout their parent race for rape or murder. Even so, it is possible for hobgoblins to breed with elves, goblins with fey, and some* orcs with humans.

As for territories, the goblinoids naturally tend to gather in great numbers only in regions of Elsemar that are harsher and more remote than their parent races prefer. In regions that are more highly-populated by the original races, they tend to stick to bands or tribes small enough to escape notice. Typically only a more powerful outside will sees the goblinoids organize in any great numbers. This is especially true of the brutally chaotic orcs, and the undisciplined goblins. Hobgoblins however have been known to raise armies of their own without actually being forcibly dominated by external leadership.

* As the most powerful and easily-controlled of the goblinoids, orcs in particular have often been crossbred with powerful beasts such as apes or even subterranean slimes. In some cases, this results in vastly more powerful orcs such as orogs, or orcs that can be spawned rather than bred.