Generous Per Diem

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Whether you are a wealthy individual or work for such a patron, you are well off and the expenses other people fret over are of no worry to you. When you seek lodging, you stay only at the finest hotels. When you dine, you enjoy only the finest cuisine. You hire porters when you go shopping to carry your purchases. Each day, you may eschew the costs of food, drink, lodging, feed/stabling, and service expenses up to a per diem of 2gp + 1gp per character level. Regardless of their actual cost, the quality and appearance of your clothes and belongings is always sufficient to never cause you to take penalties on Charisma-based checks made to influence courtiers and nobles (unless you specifically dress otherwise).

Special: It is possible to temporarily lose access to your per diem while in small towns or remote villages where a limited trade infrastructure prevents access to financial institutions. Similarly, if you are robbed, it may take a few hours to several days before you can regain access to your funds.