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Elsemar is the world upon which the Heroes of Worlds Unknown Campaign Setting takes place. The world is encircled by expansive rings of dust and ice
  • Radius: 4,180.9mi / 6,728.4
  • Circumfrence: 26,269mi / 42,276km
  • Surface Area: 219,654,515mi2 / 568,902,583km2
  • Volume: 306,114,580,432mi3 / 1,275,941,232,123km3
  • Length of Year: 422 days
  • Rotational Period: ~22 hours


A large silvery-blue moon covered almost entirely in water and covered in clouds. This moon is also known as Calinya by the elves. It is said that the Silver Sea** exists where the earthly city of the Valar** once stood and that that land now resides upon the surface of Brightpool. This moon orbits Elsemar at the same rate Elsemar orbits the sun. Therefore, it constantly appears to trail behind Elsemar, appearing in the western sky as a first-quarter moon at all times. Atmospheric perspective and distortion from Elsemar's rings make the moon appear much closer and larger than it really is.
A smaller moon covered in red rock and regions of paler sand. This moon is also known as Mórlach by the elves. It is said that Darkshoal was extracted from the gaping hole left by the removal of the Valar's homeland in order to trap Daedelhach** within the moon. Darkshoal orbits Elsemar much more quickly than Brightpool completing its orbit every 28 days.


With two moons, Elsemar's tides are more complex than those of a planet with only a single moon. Brightpool exerts a constant tidal force resulting in higher tides at Daybreak and Eventide, and lower tides at Midday and Nightfall.

These regular tidal forces are amplified or mitigated by Darkshoal's orbit. When Darkshoal is a full or new moon, the changes between high and low tides are greatly reduced, whereas during quarter moons, they are greatly increased.

See Also: Tide and Lunar Phase on Wikipedia.


Massive tropical landmass extending south of the equator thru the south pole and to the opposite side of the world. Also refered to as The Buahons.
Temperate landmass in the Northern hemisphere. Original home of the ancient elven empire.
Icy wasteland.
Vast deserts and savage wilds.
Vast island continent in the midst of the Boundless Ocean**.