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Much like her true name, much of the history of Dink's long life has never been revealed. Her presence in the lands of the "big people" date back at least 20 years. At that time, she was friends with a shy chronicler from the Estorian** court named Erebor Hith**. How they met or why their bond formed remains unknown, but for more than a few years, the pixie warmage travelled with the young elven bard learning more about human lands and generally keeping the klutzy elf maiden out of trouble (or at frequently extricating her from it anyway).

War of the Red Hand

For one of Erebor's assignments, she was to accompany a young Knight of the Shield**, Sir Sigfried von Valentine**, on a routine diplomatic trip to Valehaven** to ensure the safety of a young Sister of Silenya** who was returning home after a pilgrimage to the great Silver Sea**. It was while returning that they were ambushed by hobgoblins and made the acquaintance of the minotaur ranger Buliwyf**, and his mute child prodigy sidekick Din Hîn**.

Upon learning of the dire threat posed to Elsmyr Dale** by the amassing of the Horde of the Red Hand**, Dink and her companions made up their minds to ensure the safety of the region... particularly if it meant the tiny warmage would get to blow stuff up.

Present Day

Today, some 20 years after the defeat of the Red Hand**, Dink and her surviving companions are all landed nobles in the Commonwealth of Valehaven**. Their homebase, Castle Bullknight** is built a few miles from the ruins of Keep Garlnag** on the western banks of the River Elsmyr**. From there, it guards the town of Dink's Ferry**, so named after the intrepid warmage for her part in holding the Red Hand** at bay long enough for the citizens of the original town to escape before it was razed by the hobgoblin army. One of the town's key structures is a tall spire of white stone overlooking Castle Bullknight** where Lady Dink makes her home.

When she's not training would-be warmages in the finer points of evocation, Lady Dink** can often be found watching out for Din Hîn** when he goes off on the "fact-finding" missions that Kaberus** puts him up to.

Vital Statistics

  • Race: Female Pixie (Fey).
  • Classes: Warmage 11.
  • Description: Olive-skinned with dragonfly wings, hazel eyes, and red hair.
  • Age: 226 years old (adult).
  • Build: 12in. 1 lbs. with a sturdy, athletic build, and a full bust.
  • Beliefs: Chaotic Good follower of Súmalya**.
  • Titles: Lady of Castle Bullknight**, Peer of Valehaven**.
  • Ability Scores: Str 13 (11), Dex 24, Con 12, Int 26 (22), Wis 15, Cha 22 (20).

She might weigh less than a tankard of ale, but in battle, Dink's awesome arsenal of arcane firepower hits harder than a broadside of 24 pound guns.