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  • hp 101:
  • active spells/abilities:
  • status effects:


  • Torch x5:
  • Oil x5:
  • Rations x5:


Inquisitor Spells

[>>] Prep (3/day): Keen Edge, Prayer, Cure Serious Wounds
[>>] Prep (5/day): Detect Thoughts, Follow the Bloody Trail, Cure Moderate Wounds, Flames of the Faithful, Silence
[>>] Prep (6/day): Form Bloodstone, See the Face, Cure Light Wounds, Divine Favor, Detect Magic Residue, Lend Judgement
[>>] Prep (8/day): Brand, Detect Bloodtrace, Detect Poison, Light, Read Magic, Read the Guilty Face, Direct Conversation, Stabilize


50 platinum
332 gold
8 silver
5 copper