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For a list of valid resource books when building your character, please see the Source Books article.

Ability Scores

All characters should be statted using the following rules:

  • 40-point buy
    • Min score of 7 prior to racial modifiers
    • Max score of 18 prior to racial modifiers
  • Assign racial modifiers after spending your point-buy.

Note: You will be expected to roleplay your character's ability scores realistically. If you have a 7 Charisma, don't try to pass yourself off a Don Juan, it won't fly. Likewise, if you want to play an absent-minded professor, you should probably have a low-Wisdom, just like a tactical genius should have a good Intelligence score. Tool: To ensure accuracy, feel free to download Laithoron's Pathfinder RPG Ability Score Calculator. While it is set for a 25-point buy, if you assign points until it reads -15 then everything will still add up properly.


The following races are allowed. If you want to play something exotic like a pixie** or a scainor** then please run it by the GM first.


All characters are gestalts, they advance in two different classes at each character level gaining the benefits of each class. For any features offered by both classes, such as saving throws, BAB, skill points, etc. use the better benefit for that level. Click here for more information on building a gestalt character.

  • Favored Class Bonus: You gain this bonus at any character level at which you take a level in your favored class. If you are a half-elf and take both of your favored classes at the same character level, you gain this benefit twice.
  • Armor & Shield Proficiencies: Depending upon your build, there is a good chance that you may wish to opt-out of heavier armor proficiencies in favor of gaining more skill points. See the following articles for details:

Note: Some classes have additional house rules or options available: <categorytree mode="pages">Classes</categorytree>

Hit Points

At each level (including 1st) characters gain a fixed amount of hit points based upon the largest hit die gained at that level.

  • d6 = 4
  • d8 = 5
  • d10 = 6
  • d12 = 7

Strength and Hit Points

All characters gain a number of hit points equal to half their strength score rounded down. Permanent increases to Strength can increase this amount, but it is otherwise a one-time bonus (i.e. it is not added again at each character level).


Note: There are a few skills have house rules applied to them: <categorytree mode="pages">Skills</categorytree>


Each character may select two starting traits provided that they do not come from the same category.

  • You may select traits from:
  • Custom Traits: If you have an idea for a trait that gives +1 to each of two skills and allows you to claim one as a class skill, then please write up a justification and a description and submit it to the GM.
  • Additional Traits: If you gain additional traits as the result of an achievement bonus or by taking the additional traits feat, then those extra traits can come from any category you wish so long as you qualify for them. Only starting traits are limited to one per category.


  • Feats are selected normally.

Note: The following feats have house rules applied to them: <categorytree mode="pages">Feats</categorytree>


  • Each character may select up to two flaws.
  • Selecting a flaw allows you to gain a bonus feat.
  • For a list of flaws, please see one of the following resources:



Please use all of your character's starting gold on permanent equipment rather than expendable items. Budget allowances will be factored in for items such as potions, etc.

  • 1st level characters should use the max starting gold for their class.
  • Higher level characters should reference the wealth by level rules.
  • Each character begins play with a single heirloom item which can exceed the normal wealth by level guidelines. See the GM for details.


Note: There are several important houserules regarding magic and particularly Spellcasting: <categorytree mode="pages">Magic</categorytree>

Character Profiles

Please see the PbP conventions article for more information on how to layout your character's profile and create a tracking page or list.

Note: For your convenience, you can download a blank character template for your character's profile on the Paizo forums here or from the tools category.

Achievement Bonuses

3000 Posts

Bonus Feat
You may select 1 bonus feat for which you meet the prerequisites.

4000 Posts

Ability Score Bonus
You may increase by +1 one of your non-hallmark ability scores.

5000 Posts

Bonus Feat
You may select 1 bonus feat for which you meet the prerequisites.

6000 Posts

Knowledge Rank
You gain a skill point in one Knowledge skill of the GM's choosing.

7000 Posts

Class Skill
Having survived many horrors solely by relying upon one another, you have picked up on some of the expertise of those with whom you have closely associated. You may add one skill to your list of class skills, so long as one other PC or NPC, with whom you have closely associated, has at least 5 ranks in that same skill in order to train you.

9000 Posts

Bonus Feat
Having successfully gotten Alis to her destination, you find that the nature of your mission has changed somewhat. No longer are you in danger of being attacked by cannibals and monsters, but you instead find yourselves in the shark-infested waters of Port Eldarion's** political scene! Just as you are adjusting to your new surroundings, so too are you adapting your training. You gain Vocational Training as a bonus feat.

10K Posts

Mythic Tier
Reaver's Shiv, Arrowhead, The Shrine of the Fates... Even though you have only just arrived there is not a soul in Port Eldarion who hasn't heard your name. Even powerful adversaries may be given pause by your growing legend!