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Following are the rules for Heroes of Worlds Unknown.


There are three main rules resources for this campaign:

  1. This site, the Wiki for Heroes of Worlds Unknown (abbreviated HoWU)
  2. The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (abbreviated PfRPG)
  3. The d20 3.5 System Reference Document (abbreviated SRD)

Pathfinder RPG

If you haven't done so already, download a copy of the Pathfinder RPG beta rules.

The PfRPG beta is a 'free' PDF download. You'll need to register an account, but no credit card information is needed for free downloads. Just register, login, and then add it to your cart. The download will be available from the My Downloads link in the upper-right corner of any page.

You will also want to bookmark the SRD website: This site is nigh invaluable for referencing the "standard D&D 3.5 rules". The rules for the Pathfinder RPG are based upon the 3.5 SRD so it's a handy resource if you can't find something you need in the PfRPG book or this wiki.

Rules Precedence

d20 3.5 is currently undergoing evolution in PfRPG. Add to that our own "house rules" on this wiki, and there are bound to be discrepancies between the various references. To keep this straight, it's necessary to establish which references take precedence over others.

  • Rules from PfRPG supersede the SRD
  • Rules from HoWU supersede PfRPG

To put it another way:

  1. HoWU: If there's a rule on this site, it overrides the corresponding rule in both PfRPG and the SRD.
  2. PfRPG: If there's nothing about it on this site, PfRPG overrides the corresponding rule from the SRD.
  3. SRD: If HoWU and PfRPG don't cover something, consult the SRD.

Rule Zero

Lastly, there is Rule 0: If the rules are unclear, don't work, or just plain get-in-the way, the DM has the right to make an ad hoc ruling to cover the situation. Rule 0 overrides all other rules, period.


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