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The Astrologer
She who is Unseen
The Starlight Queen

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Areas of Concern: knowledge, magic, secrets, stars, travelers
Domains: Knowledge, Law, Magic, Nobility, Rune, Travel
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff
Symbol: An astrolabe.

Cainrelée (CANE-re-lay) is one of the Aralim** and the Queen of the Valar**. To the Malatestans she is known as Astra. Like Cuiviéanna**, Cainrelée entered the world with a share in the powers of all her peers. Though she is not as powerful as her fallen sister, her understanding and insight in the secret knowledge of Ilúvatar is the greater. Magic is her dominion and she guards its secrets well. Like with a strict school master, only the disciplined and the determined may find the true worth of her lessons. As a testiment to this, Cainrelée binds less of her power in the physical realm instead setting events into the stars of the heavens — knowledge hidden in plain sight to those who know how to look for it.

Due to her role in the ordering of the constellations, many sailors and other travelers also venerate Cainrelée to steer them clear of harm.

After her sister Cuiviéanna**'s fall as Daedelhach**, Cainrelée became Miralnas**' wife. While neither as passionate nor as powerful as her fallen sister, Cairelée's love is the more sincere. Together they gave birth to Stëora**, the youngest and most beloved of the Valahini**.