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The Shining in the Darkness
The Light at the End of the Tunnel
The Hermit

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Areas of Concern: ancestry, death, judgment, prophecy
Domains: Darkness, Glory, Healing (resurrection sub-domain only), Knowledge, Law, Repose
Favored Weapon: Glaive
Allegiance: Valar**

The Spirit World** is governed by the Bälezu** (BAY-le-zoo), Dalus to the Malatestans, who is the keeper of the souls of the departed and 7th among the Valar**. His is the power to open or close the paths to and from the Spirit World** and to see the deaths of all those who live. Great mastery he holds over divination, though he does not share his visions by any command except that of Miralnas**. He is counted among the Aralim**.

Bälezu's wife Fëarianna**, and his brother is Iscandü**