Armor Proficiency

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You can lose your heaviest level of armor proficiency (Light, Medium, or Heavy) for a particular class to gain an extra 1 skill rank at each level you take in that class. Similarly, you can decrease your skill ranks per level by one to gain the next heavier level of armor proficiency.

This choice must be made at the first level at which you would have access to a given level of armor. If multiclassing would result in you gaining the forfeited level of armor proficiency, then you must select one of two options:

  1. Gain the new level(s) of armor proficiency and lose the extra skill point(s) for that level and any that follow.
  2. Continue to gain the extra skill point(s) by waiving access to any new levels of armor proficiency.

You cannot choose to forfeit levels of armor proficiency that you already have.
Example: If you already have Medium Armor Proficiency from taking levels in Cleric, you could not forfeit Medium Armor Proficiency when multiclassing into Fighter. You could however forfeit access to Heavy Armor Proficiency to gain an extra skill point.

If you forfeit a given level of armor proficiency and then spend a feat to gain access to that same level of armor proficiency, you may continue to gain extra skill points.