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One of the Valahini**, Alcarienne (al-CAR-ee-en), Alíta to the Malatestans, is the embodiment of natural beauty, passion, inspiration, truth, and the Sun. Because she sees all the world in her daily race across the sky, living beings often pray to her for prophecies.

She is the daughter of the nature deities Jámo** and Corollairë**, and thru her unbridled energy the works of those she favors are strengthened. Enemies of the light beware for she is tireless and can wither the works of evil with her blinding fury.

Legend has it that in the early days of Elsemar, before the coming of elves and men, her uncle Olarë**, oft at odds with his sister Corollairë**, endeavored to craft a gift without equal for his niece — one that should impress even his sister. Using his unmatched skill, the god of artifice forged sap from the Tree of Life** into an unbreakable crystal disc and captured within it light from the Secret Flame** at the heart of the world. He then gave it wings like those of Miralnas**' mighty eagles that his niece might either be borne safely where she will or to protect her. Thus, the Sun was created to serve as Alcarienne's chariot, shield, and veil.

Alcarienne's husband is Lüne** the Hunter.